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    IFA Global Markets 2017 & HUION
    September 3 - 6, 2017
    Luckenwalder Str.4-6 10963 Berlin
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One More Amazing Chinese Launch at CES 2017: HUION Pen Tablet for Professional Handwriting Experienc

Consumer Electronic Show (CES), the grand consumer technology industrial event of globally largest scale and great influence, unveiled in Las Vegas, USA during Jan 5th-8th, 2017, where HUION's EMR hand input solution made its debutandgarneredthe recognition and popularity among foreign media and audiences.


International Consumer Electronic Show

New Product Debut in an International Stage, Upgraded Experience of Touch

HUION exhibited its Pen Display, Pen Tablets, AIO, LED Light Pad, etc. Of all the products, INSPIROY Q11K Pen Tablet on its debut show became the highlight. The new release designed with wide screen enables free handwriting, whole black industrial design interprets simplicity and fashion, super ultrathin streamlined design perfectly fits the Pen Tablet and desktop, and provides comfortable protection to user's wrist. The ultrahigh resolution and pressure sensitivity, and 8 smart customizable shortcut keys, this model helps maximize creative efficiency and reproduce paper touch with more flowing lines.


G10T Pen Tablet and KAMVAS GT-156HD Pen Display, twin products of Q11K Pen Tablet, also draw the eyes of many audiences. Since the launch in last Oct, G10T Pen Tablet and GT-156HD Pen Display have been recognized and supported by many creative professionals with outstanding industrial design and excellent product experience, and have made terrific market performance abroad.

G10T Pen Tablet features ultralight and ultrathin industrial design of pretty look and smooth handwriting, and easy to carry by learners. 10×6.25'' working area provides more space for user operation. Moreover, 15.6'' large GT-156HD Pen Display is perfect in technical support of high precision, high pressure sensitivity and high read rate, anti-glare panel and exquisite matte surface technology bring the user exceptionally excellent feeling of writing on paper

Many audiences actively observed and experienced HUION new products at the show bustling with visitors.


Exquisite and dedicated, explore the field of professional hand input
Also on the show with HUION digital products were WACOM, and DELL's new launch of 27'' 'Canvas' anti-glare smart tablet. At the end of last Oct, MICROSOFT also launched its AIO model of Surface Studio. It's an unstoppable development trend of digital painting technology with continuous technical progress and evolution.

High-tech giants like MICROSOFT and DELL have shift to hand input market in business development in recent years, while HUION has grown into the global No. 2 brand of consumer Pen Tablets with products sold to over 50 countries and regions, including North America, Europe, Japan, South Korea, Southeast Asia etc, and widely applied in digital creative fields such as digital painting, movie stunt, game production, animation, graphic design, 3D industrial design, and so on.