Wireless LCD screen graphic tablet

High speed wireless 2.4 GHz/EF transmission

High-speed wireless

DWH69 has a wider working area that enhances your
productivity with no compromise on accuracy. With 2048
levels of pressure-sensitivity, 5080LPI high resolution;
you will experience the comfort and flexibility of working
on a digital tablet like never before.
Wireless working mode instruction Only plug the receiver into your computer’s USB interface
Switch “ON/OFF” button to “ON”

Finger touch

Original 1.8” LCD screen, displaying wireless,
wired, charging, and working states in real time
and allowing smart control

8 smart touch keys are customizable as
you like
Each function can be triggered in one
touch only, featuring bigger advantages
than others

Electronic annotation, Electronic teaching, Electronic
signature, Image editing,Game/carton movie,Drawing,
Industrial package design

2048 Levels pressure sensitivity


Compatible with Windows 7 or later,MAC X10.8 or later

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