Be Yourself No Bondage
Passive digital board    \     8192levels 8mm   \     thickness
Live Young In Creativity
Latest generation of passive electromagnetic technology,
supporting continuous unleashing of creative inspirations
Live Young In Exquisiteness & Refinement
8192-level professional pressure sensitivity, excellent performance under quadruple pressures, comparable to the feeling of real pen in terms of fine and smooth lines, the nature shade of strokes and lines, and the most precise dynamics of every writing
Live Young In Individuality & Style
Fit design of full coverage, only 8mm in thickness (as thin as a mobile phone), providing the most comfortable size for creation, and being convenient for carrying
Live Young In Attitude To Friendly Usage
PW100 passive pressure sensitivity pen is only 16g in weight, and its front end is made of wearable silicone for soothing feel
Palm rejection design of dual keys on both sides of the pen helps reduce touch frequency and realize most effective creation
  • No Battery
  • No Charging
Customized shortcut key helps improve creation efficiency
Live Young In High Hfficiency
Shortcut key’s on-off key effectively helps avoid
unnecessary touch of shortcut key
Live Young In Speed & Passion
High speed trajectory induction technology is
applied to precisely and effectively sense every
movement of handwriting, and without any delay
Live Young In Confidence & Inclusivity
Compatible to mainstream systems such
as Windows and macOS, allowing free
operation in various mainstream drawing
and design softwares.
Color your life when you're young! Say no to monotonous life. Bring your pen tablet, and paint every trifle in the journey of life, adding brilliantness to the way of creation.
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