Wireless pen tablet Q11K
Emerging for professional creativity and optimal design efficiency
Even the most diverse and complicated task is readily done,
just by a striking, clicking and sliding on Q11K.
Precise capture, pixel effect of graphic display
natural and smooth
precise lines
8192 Levels
Size of stroke lines and shading of colors
are natural and smooth, for precise
expression of inspiration and creativity
in your brain.
5080 LPI
It easily realizes pixel effect of graphic
display, in fine but real strokes, precise
and natural handwriting without shift.
Keep large size area for creative work,
and save space usage on desktop
Narrow frame design increases much more working area, shortens
distance from your body to keyboard, saves desktop space to
maximum extent, while generates thrilling user experience from
unimaginable simple design.
Each shortcut is created merely for higher working efficiency
shortcut keys function
With user-defined settings, 8 shortcut keys function to your full satisfaction.
With updated optimization of locking keys, a most effective shortcut is developed; it's handy for
closing and starting of shortcut keys for better operation experience.
Perfect match of high-speed
wireless access and wired
Q11K has built-in 2.4G high-speed access function, for
stable and smooth signals, pen strokes without lag,
avoiding the constraint of desktop, creating more space
for your inspiration and creativity.
The best partner to bring out more potential of Q11K
tumbler design
vertical and horizontal pattern design
Unique design of HUION digital pen can sense 8192-class press change, and catch fine pen point movement.
The upper part of the pen perfectly matches your hand for pleasing and natural holding.
High-efficiency polymer battery offers a continuous service life of 350 hours.
Auto sleep when inserted in pen stand, and awake when touching the drawing board heavily.

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